What is Performance Based Meditation?

Performance Based Meditation is a daily practice designed for modern life. The use of a mantra, a simple sound with no meaning, repeated silently, allows the mind to settle and the body to go into deep healing rest. You come out of meditation ready to engage in the world in a refreshed, clear and open way.

PBM is effortless and easy. You don't need to travel to India, give up your double espresso or chant in a pyramid to do this. You simply need a comfortable place to sit for 20 minutes in the morning and again in the late afternoon/early evening. During this meditation it is perfectly fine to have thoughts. In fact, it’s absolutely necessary for this type of practice. So, if you are that person that has tried meditation before but couldn’t quieten your mind or sit still, PBM might be the perfect stress relieving tool you have been searching for!

How Do I Learn?

The course consists of three 90 minute sessions. You will be meditating by yourself by the end of the very first session.

During the course you also get a mindfulness present moment awareness technique, an energizing breath technique and a guided meditation geared towards achieving your goals.

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Choose a time that is right for you and reserve your spot!

How much does it cost?

The cost of the course is $445

We encourage you to compare our price to other transcendence meditation courses offered by our competitors.

We want to demystify meditation and make it more affordable. There are no secrets, just an easy straight forward practice.

For private, group or business courses please contact us.

PBM offers ongoing support for any questions and queries that may arise during your practice.

PBM will hold regular group meditations, all members will have free access.

Where are we located?

PBM is located in Essendon, Victoria. We also hold courses in Sydney and can travel to other states for private group and business bookings


About Deone

Shortly after winning the green card lottery Deone moved to New York and was cast in a Broadway show after being there only a few short weeks. She wasn't sleeping well, was highly stressed and knew she needed something in her life to get through the daily grind. She found meditation. Suddenly life looked completely different. She began sleeping through the night, her psoriasis disappeared and she handled the pressures of her new job with ease, grace and joy!

Deone has been passionate about meditation and has had a daily practice for over 13 years. After studying in New York and Los Angeles she decided it was time to customise a course that was easy, accessible and affordable. Her goal is to get the world meditating, and Performance Based Meditation is her exciting, refreshing solution to relieving stress and allowing you to perform at the top of your game.

She is also a reiki healer, a mother and a wife and adores living in Melbourne, Australia.




Can’t speak more highly about Deone and her meditation sessions. It’s opening up a new, more peaceful chapter for me. Jump on it if you get the chance to join her!

Lyndon Watts

Deone has opened my eyes to the practice of meditation and I couldn’t be more grateful. I have always had an overactive mind and the idea of meditation sounded idyllic but out of reach. Deone’s short course is the perfect balance of explanation and exploration, which allowed me to discover and find my own way into meditation. I did the course whilst on tour doing eight shows a week and I instantly found a tremendous shift in my energy, particularly on double show days. I also found I was seeing this same work environment with new eyes. It allowed me to deal with the mental and physical stress of the job in the most efficient way. I crave those between show mediations. This came at a perfect time for me and I would encourage anyone who has thought about it to give it a go, you will only wish you started sooner.

Max Bimbi

Deone teaches her practice in a truly generous, kind and safe space, and for me, lifted the elusive lid on the what I thought the secret to successful mediation is. She’s opened my eyes and has helped my heart and head through what is a truly challenging time. Along with the intensity of my physical therapy, meditation has started to enable me to find peace and space around my injury and into my everyday life. So, if you’re looking for someone to help and guide you to that quiet and still place, check her out... she’s the real deal. Side note, she’s also rad at reiki.

John O’Hara



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